Monday, February 21, 2011

Drumroll PLEASE!!!!!...

So, after a nice 4 month process, I found out today that (God willing) I will be traveling to Recuay, Peru this summer from June 1-July30! I am super excited because I feel that this is something that God is wanting me to do (I found this out through lots and lots of prayer and reading His word). I know that God is calling me to be a misisonary in life (a missionary in Latin America in fact), so this summer will be a true eye opening experience.

This is super exciting to share on this blog because this is the whole reason my blog was created!!!!

Well, now after sharing my exciting news with the world, I do have a few prayer requests. I must raise money in order to go on the trip. This will amount to around $1,600 (probably) and I honestly have nothing at the moment. So please pray that God will help me in raising my funds as well as the other students going on summer misisons through BCM! It is very exciting!!! Please also pray for the people that my group will come in contact with while in Peru. Pray that God opens up their hearts to the amazing story that we will share with them!! Thank you all so much!!! :)