Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Followers... please dont hate me! I forgot my password for the blog haha.

Yeah... that title pretty much explains it! I am so so so sorry for not updating about Recuay! I tried logging on and the password just would not work! I either typed it in wrong or something... it could be the horrible internet in Recuay. haha! Anyway bear with me because there is alot that God has been doing here in Recuay and the surrounding villages!

The last time I updated we were in Huaraz for the weekend! When we got back to Recuay we felt so much better! I am not kidding, this place is our home now!

We have still been teaching in the schools (which are still crazy). The teachers dont show up half the time. When they are there, they love when we come in to teach... they usually just leave and go home. Oh well. The schools here need work!
We have been teaching the story of salvation while teaching colors to the students in english! They responded well to that! Some of the students have legit questions about salvation and things like sin and its origin. Why dont the kids in America care this much?

We have really grown fond of Utcuyacu (a town that is a good 30 minutes away). The women continue to amaze us with their genuine desire for God and the Word. The children also want to learn more which is awesome! I would love to see a church adopt this area and help plant churchs here! These people need someone to explain the Word to them! Humberta does a great job leading Bible studies but she is only one person and cannot be everywhere at once!

Some of our team goes to the school in Utcuyacu on Monday and Thursday mornings to teach the students english and teach them Bible stories! The other day, Amber was sick so I took her place teaching in the school at Utcuyacu. Karen and I taught animals in english then we told the story of Noah! The kids loved it and retained the stuff we taught!

Man, I know this blog is so scatterbrained but thats because I am writing down the first thing that pops in my head. haha. Anyway, one Bible story that has impacted me lately and given me a new perspective on it is the story of Noah. I have been on this trip for over 40 days and its been rough! I am in a new location and having to live with the same people in such a small area! Man, Noah did the same thing! I am sure Noah was sick of smelling the animals and he was annoyed with his family. He was probably ready for things to return to normal. I know that its been rough living with 6 other girls who have clashing views on how to do certain things at times. Im starting to really appreciate Noahs story.
Also being up here at 11,500 ft, seeing the chain of mountains that reach up to 20,000 ft gives me a new perspective on Gods power. He sent a flood to the earth that COVERED these mountains. WOW! Yeah, that puts me in my place and reminds me just how small I am.

Okay... sorry for that tangent. Its just something that hit me a few days ago as I was reading through Genesis!

On Mondays we have Bible Club by our house here in Recuay. We have around 15 kids that show up each week! One girl, Nelly, is a kid that I have grown super close to! That girl is so precious! Well, Monday she saw that some kids had on salvation necklaces and told me that she wanted one. I had one in the kitchen so DUH I went and got it for her! Me and Noemi told the story of Christ and shared with her what it means to be a Christian. I asked if she had any questions and she sure did! We talked for a good 15 minutes about questions that were on her heart! She really desired to understand more about God!
She is coming to our house tomorrow at 4 (5 in SC)... Noemi and I will go through the story of Jesus and we will give her a Bible (she doesnt have one... which really hit home that these people really have no clue about Jesus). I ask that yall pray for her. I can tell that the Holy Spirit is just moving in her life! She just needs people to help her understand more!

This team only has 2 weeks left in Recuay. Its going to be rough leaving this place not because I have grown super attached. Its going to be rough because I know that this place needs Christ. Please continue praying that a church will step up and adopt this area (promising to come multiple times a year). Also pray that men would step up in the villages and want to lead Bible studies or even lead a church! Thanks guys! :)