Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost Halfway There!

God is teaching me soooo much! I love it! He is teaching me how to have a submissive mindset and attitude, humility (thats a tough one to grasp), and  a whole lot more!
Now that we are really in the swing of things I am getting more and more excited about Recuay! There is not a church in Recuay (other than the Pentacostal one that has maybe 5 members and is found on the outskirts of Recuay). Please continue praying for a man to step up and take charge in leading a church in Recuay! It is much needed!!!
Anywho, this week was interesting! School was cancelled on Wednesday because of a PARADE in the town! We hung out in the plaza and played with all the kids (who swarmed around us when we arrived at 11ish). They informed us that they didnt have school Friday either so we took 2 days off from teaching school! I hate to say but it was nice not having to teach in the schools allllll week! haha.
The days that we did teach in the schools, we taught the 6th graders greetings! They actually understood everything! It was fufilling knowing that the children are grasping the informations! This means that they will hopefully grasp the idea that Jesus came into this world 2000 years ago and died on a cross for THEIR sins!
The people in Recuay are sadly mistaken when it comes to their thoughts about Jesus! You ask any person if they know Jesus and they will respond with ABSOLUTELY! BUT... you ask them what Jesus has done for them and you dont know what they will respond with. The Catholic Church is so different than the Catholic church in the US. It really does break my heart sometimes knowing that many of these people will never fully know what Jesus has really done for them.
That idea really has affected me this weekend! We spent the weekend in Huaraz so we could attend a college bible study (at the church we went to last week) and so that we could go back to the church this morning! But anyway, it has really hit me that I am not spending my time wisely! I need to be spending all of my time trying to share the love AND story of Christ. I realized that if I spent less time worrying about myself and actually spent that time (and energy) walking the streets talking to the institution students and little kids and other people that we have started developing relationships with, I would be so much more satisfied with my life and God would recieve so much more glory!
I am reading a book called Humility .... something something something by someone... and anyway, its really starting to open my eyes as to how selfish I am and how prideful I am. Its totally not cool! I desire to serve God with my whole heart and I want HIM to be glorified in every situtation. The book has really hit me and shown me that, while I may want that, I am not doing anything to make that happen! My pride is actually turning the glory away from God and putting it on myself. How uncool is that? PLEASE please pray that for the next month God just works in me and kills my selfish attitude! Thanks!
This next week is going to be BUSY!!! We are going to continue teaching in the school at Recuay (Javier), the school in Otcoyacu (on Mondays and Thursdays), and we are going to ADD a school this week! On Fridays, Jordan, Noemi, Olivia, and I will be teaching at the secondary school in Recuay (like a high school). We are going to continue our bible studies in Otconon, Otcoyacu, Recuay, and we will begin one (with the church in Huraz) at our house on Saturday afternoons! Please pray that our team will continue growing in Christ, we will continue building each other up, we will stay unified, we will make the most of every opportunity, and that we will just be a light for Christ in Recuay! They need it so bad!
Other prayer requests: Nelly and her family (a 13 year old girl that we have been building a relationship with), the women at Otcoyacu (they are so thirsting for the Word, pray that God provides a chuch in that area), Humberta (our translator and such an inspirational woman!!!), and the church in Huaraz (that it continues to thrive).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

its day 21!!!!

It has officially been 3 weeks!!! I have been in Peru for 3 weeks! Wow!
We finished off last week teaching more bible stories and more english! Then, we enjoyed a rest weekend with Mindy (our supervisor). We traveled to Huaraz and enjoyed living in a hostal with super comfortable beds! It was literally a vacation for us!
Anywho, we woke up early on Saturday and traveled (on a private combi) to Llanganuco (the tallest mountain in Peru!). We had lots of fun once we arrived but the bus ride up terrified me! We were literally dangling off the edge of mountains for like 2 hours.
Once we got there, we went on a boat ride in the most beautiful lake I have ever seen! Then some of us went hiking down a little trail!

On Sunday we went to a church in Huaraz! It was pretty contemporarry and I really enjoyed it! Amber shared her testimony from last summer and we listened to a missionary preach about trusting God and living our lives for Him and only Him!
Sunday afternoon we traveled back to Recuay! We were all ready to be back! This is our home now!

Yesterday we went and taught the 5th graders english! It was encouraging to see that they understood! We had a bible study yesterday afternoon with the children in the town! Karen shared the bible story and did a terrific job!
After the bible study, we invited Nelly over to dinner! Noemi and I prepared the meal (a beastin salad and grilled cheese haha). Then Nelly showed me (and Jordan) how to dance! We had so much fun with that girl! Pray for her as we continue ministering to her and her 7 brothers and sisters!

Just a fun note... Jordan made me work out with her last night! Working out at 11,000 ft is much harder than working out in SC!
Oh well, Hasta Luego!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

since june 12 haha

Hello friends! So the past few days have been great!!! We went and taught 1st grade on monday (5 and 6 year olds)! That was interesting! They didnt learn too much english but they had fun playing with us gringas! Monday afternoon we had a bible study in somebodys yard! I shared the story of Jonah and we were able to teach the kids english words like God, man, fish, boat, and storm! They really enjoyed it! That afternoon, Jordan and I walked out to our backyard and enjoyed some time in the river (which is more like rapids!). We skipped on rocks and enjoyed sitting down on the rocks in the middle of the river! It was very peaceful!
Tuesday we taught 2nd grade (6 and 7 year olds)! They were able to retain some of the english words we taught! That afternoon we traveled to a place called Octonan and held a bible study with some of the ladies! One girl accepted Christ which was GREAT!
Yesterday we went back to the school but instead of classes they had a soccer tournament! That was so much fun! All the girls wanted me to sing Hannah Montana and Justin Beiber! Glad I like them! hahaha. Yesterday afternoon we traveled to Octo Yaku (no clue how to spell it) and held a bible study with the women and children! I shared the bible story for the kids (creation and Adam and Eve). THey loved it!!! THen we played Duck Duck Goose!
Today we went to the school and taught the 3rd graders some english stuff (greetings). They loved it! All the kids that we have already taught ran to us and gave us lots of hugs! Some even asked for our autograph hahaha! Well, thats all for today folks!
Hasta Luego!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days 7 through 12

So sorry I have been a slacker with the blog! I have ALOT to update!!

We arrived in Huaraz, a town near Recuay, around 5ish! We met a missionary there (Tommy)! He helped us settle in a hostel for the night! He also showed us around Huaraz! I remember walking up the steps in the hostel for the first time! It really helped me realize that I was at a high altitude (at the time over 10000 ft)..... The next day we shopped for supplies that we would need to use for the summer (kitchen utensils and some foods). Did you know that Recuay doesnt have cheese or loaves of bread (we had to get this kind of stuff too).
June 7 was the big day! We traveled to Recuay (which is another 1000 ft in elevation). Once we got to Recuay we had one of our translators (Humberta) show us around! Humberta has lived in Recuay for a good bit of her life!
I guess this is where I should describe the house!! It is connected to a lady name Phillipas house! We have 2 bedrooms (with actual beds), a living room (pretty much an empty room with a table in the middle), a kitchen (you have to walk outside to get to)..... and...... an outhouse! haha. That has been something I have been trying to get used to! We have a shower in the outhouse that (if you are lucky) you will get hot water thanks to the widow maker (?). We have pets! We have 3 dogs, a puppy, and..... a deer (Bambi). The deer bucked at me the first day so I try to avoid him.
During the night, I ended up getting sick and stayed that way until June 9th. It was miserable just sitting in our house, doing nothing productive! But.... I know it was necessary! On the 9th, I woke up feeling pretty wonderful! I know it was prayer that made me better (so thanks for all who prayed!!!).
In the past few days we have done things like go to the market (an experience in itself), walk the streets and play with the children (the are sooooo beautiful!!), walk more, and did I mention walk? Mom and dad, your daughter is going to come back completely in shape!
We are the team that is doing a whole lot of walking! We will be ministering to many neighboring villages (which is super exciting)!!!!! Yesterday we sat in on a bible study in Juancapampa, a village that is right across the river!
Today we went to a pentacost church (only Christian church in Recuay). It was very different but cool! They focused alot on prayer!
Computer time is coming to a close so  I guess its Hasta Luego!!!!! But please pray for our team! This week we will be going to the schools in Recuay and Oku Yaku (probably misspelled that one). We will be teaching english but using the story of creation! Pray that we have the words to say and that we are able to present everything clearly! Thanks!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Days 5 and 6

Yesterday we had our own little church at the hostel! It was election day here in Peru so churchs had to remain closed for the day! Elections are crazy here in Peru! Everyone must vote or they will be fined. They also have to travel to their hometowns, no matter how far away they are! some of these people have no way of transportation so i feel pretty bad for those living way up in the mountains!

After church, we broke out into our summer teams and went to lunch with an "expert" on our location! We went to Pardos with a lady named Liz (most upbeat, outgoing person you will ever meet)! There I was able to try cow heart and purple corn slushie! They were both really good!

Today we will be traveling 8 hours to Huaraz. Huaraz is a small town that is close to recuay! We will be staying in a hostel overnight and then we will pick up supplies and head out to Recuay! Pray for us as we make the trip! I am pretty nervous about the altitude change!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4

Hey guys! I know I practically just updated about yesterday.. but computer time is limited! I have a journal that I am keeping and I will update all of that journal on here every chance I get!

So today had a cold start! The showers no longer have any type of warm water and it was practically unbearable... but yeah, i wont focus on the negative stuff! haha

After breakfast we had lots of sessions to help us! today was our last day of preparing! My favorite class today was the emergency survival class! One of the amazing missionaries serving in Lima came (with his precious daughter) and shared alot of tips! I learned CPR and what to do if someone chokes! I really hope I dont have to use that newly found knowledge while I am in Recuay... but if I do I am sure I will save a life :)

For dinner we had another Peruvian treat: empanadas! A group of us then left and went to a Christian bookstore a couple of miles through town! I really wish I would have bought a book but I have noooo more room in my backpack!

After that we got some gelato! Im really not sure but i think that gelato is italian.... So that pretty much tripped me out that Peru would have it... I know, I am weird!

Today has also been a great bonding day for the different teams! I MUST say... the Recuay team is the best team this summer ;) Nah, but we have gotten really close today! The girls are so encouraging! I really am blessed! We have bonded over dance and (Lynnlee and I) bonded over killing a massive spider in the bathroom! Did you know that even when you tear off a spiders legs, they will still crawl around! That was pretty creepy!

Oh well! I am going to SLEEEP! Hasta manana! :)

Day 3 continued!

So we had a wonderful lesson yesterday on spiritual warefare! I know that the devil has been trying to tear our team apart by homesickness, physical sickness, and for two of our team members, nightmares. Yesterday after our session we went to wong... which is a version of walmart here in Lima. Mindy, our supervisor, bought a bunch of chickens! We got back to the hostel and, as a team, we had to completely cut the chicken up! Cooking is going to be difficult!

After we cut our chicken, on of my team members told me that she felt very faint. After taking a few steps she fainted! Scary stuff! Please keep her )as well as the rest of our team) in your prayers! Pray that we can stay healthy!
Going to learn CPR and the heim. manouver (spelling?)

Friday, June 3, 2011

day 2 and some of day 3

So... Peru stays awake 24 hours in the day.... at least Lima does. These past two nights have been difficult because car alarms keep going off and people keep screaming! Yesterday we had many classes to help us prepare for the mountains. We learned about worldviews and cool stuff like that! The missionaries in Lima have been leading our studies and their insight has been super helpful!

Yesterday afternoon, once we finished our sessions, we walked a couple of miles to the beach! The pacific ocean is BEAUTIFUL! The water is clear here in Peru! We even got to watch some surfers do their thing! After, we prayed for our trips and then walked to Papa Johns for supper! Did you know that Lima had that? But yeah, it was great!

Today, we had a session on the Quechua people that we will be encountering and living with this summer! I am really excited to meet these people! Their culture is so different so it will take a while to get used to!! .... One thing that will probably take all summer to learn is that I cant look men in the eye. Apparently thats intense?

I just got back from lunch and that was an experience! We went to a legit Peruvian restaurant that serves traditional dishes and i must say that these Peruvians LOVE their starches! I had lomo santado which is a dish made up of steak, tomatos, onions, french fries and soy sauce. Its then poured over rice!

The rest of my day will consist of a class on spiritual warefare and a free afternoon (where we can leave in small groups and tour the city of Lima)! Adios!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2

hey guys! Made it to Lima last night at 1130ish... I am super tired but I will survive! haha. Today we are having sessions to help us prepare for mountain living and witnessing to the people! I am super ready  but I think it finally hit me that I wont be home for the next two months. My team is awesome! These girls seem like such great, Godly individuals!

To mom, dad, and davis= I miss yall and LOVE yall! Sorry If i cant update yall too often!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1: 330 am...

Today is the big day! Its a beautiful day today.... too bad the pitch black darkness is hiding it! haha. I am up and ready to roll! My first flight is at 8:45 this morning! I will have a full day of flying and will arrive in Peru around 8:45 tonight! I really dislike flying but I know I am in God's hands and he will keep me safe! Well, mis amigos... next time you will hear from me, I will be in Lima, Peru! Hasta Luego!