Thursday, June 16, 2011

since june 12 haha

Hello friends! So the past few days have been great!!! We went and taught 1st grade on monday (5 and 6 year olds)! That was interesting! They didnt learn too much english but they had fun playing with us gringas! Monday afternoon we had a bible study in somebodys yard! I shared the story of Jonah and we were able to teach the kids english words like God, man, fish, boat, and storm! They really enjoyed it! That afternoon, Jordan and I walked out to our backyard and enjoyed some time in the river (which is more like rapids!). We skipped on rocks and enjoyed sitting down on the rocks in the middle of the river! It was very peaceful!
Tuesday we taught 2nd grade (6 and 7 year olds)! They were able to retain some of the english words we taught! That afternoon we traveled to a place called Octonan and held a bible study with some of the ladies! One girl accepted Christ which was GREAT!
Yesterday we went back to the school but instead of classes they had a soccer tournament! That was so much fun! All the girls wanted me to sing Hannah Montana and Justin Beiber! Glad I like them! hahaha. Yesterday afternoon we traveled to Octo Yaku (no clue how to spell it) and held a bible study with the women and children! I shared the bible story for the kids (creation and Adam and Eve). THey loved it!!! THen we played Duck Duck Goose!
Today we went to the school and taught the 3rd graders some english stuff (greetings). They loved it! All the kids that we have already taught ran to us and gave us lots of hugs! Some even asked for our autograph hahaha! Well, thats all for today folks!
Hasta Luego!!!!

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  1. hey mary its christian. i miss you soooo much i keep wanting to call you lol but i cant. anyway i love you!