Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 3 continued!

So we had a wonderful lesson yesterday on spiritual warefare! I know that the devil has been trying to tear our team apart by homesickness, physical sickness, and for two of our team members, nightmares. Yesterday after our session we went to wong... which is a version of walmart here in Lima. Mindy, our supervisor, bought a bunch of chickens! We got back to the hostel and, as a team, we had to completely cut the chicken up! Cooking is going to be difficult!

After we cut our chicken, on of my team members told me that she felt very faint. After taking a few steps she fainted! Scary stuff! Please keep her )as well as the rest of our team) in your prayers! Pray that we can stay healthy!
Going to learn CPR and the heim. manouver (spelling?)

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