Tuesday, June 21, 2011

its day 21!!!!

It has officially been 3 weeks!!! I have been in Peru for 3 weeks! Wow!
We finished off last week teaching more bible stories and more english! Then, we enjoyed a rest weekend with Mindy (our supervisor). We traveled to Huaraz and enjoyed living in a hostal with super comfortable beds! It was literally a vacation for us!
Anywho, we woke up early on Saturday and traveled (on a private combi) to Llanganuco (the tallest mountain in Peru!). We had lots of fun once we arrived but the bus ride up terrified me! We were literally dangling off the edge of mountains for like 2 hours.
Once we got there, we went on a boat ride in the most beautiful lake I have ever seen! Then some of us went hiking down a little trail!

On Sunday we went to a church in Huaraz! It was pretty contemporarry and I really enjoyed it! Amber shared her testimony from last summer and we listened to a missionary preach about trusting God and living our lives for Him and only Him!
Sunday afternoon we traveled back to Recuay! We were all ready to be back! This is our home now!

Yesterday we went and taught the 5th graders english! It was encouraging to see that they understood! We had a bible study yesterday afternoon with the children in the town! Karen shared the bible story and did a terrific job!
After the bible study, we invited Nelly over to dinner! Noemi and I prepared the meal (a beastin salad and grilled cheese haha). Then Nelly showed me (and Jordan) how to dance! We had so much fun with that girl! Pray for her as we continue ministering to her and her 7 brothers and sisters!

Just a fun note... Jordan made me work out with her last night! Working out at 11,000 ft is much harder than working out in SC!
Oh well, Hasta Luego!!!

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