Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost Halfway There!

God is teaching me soooo much! I love it! He is teaching me how to have a submissive mindset and attitude, humility (thats a tough one to grasp), and  a whole lot more!
Now that we are really in the swing of things I am getting more and more excited about Recuay! There is not a church in Recuay (other than the Pentacostal one that has maybe 5 members and is found on the outskirts of Recuay). Please continue praying for a man to step up and take charge in leading a church in Recuay! It is much needed!!!
Anywho, this week was interesting! School was cancelled on Wednesday because of a PARADE in the town! We hung out in the plaza and played with all the kids (who swarmed around us when we arrived at 11ish). They informed us that they didnt have school Friday either so we took 2 days off from teaching school! I hate to say but it was nice not having to teach in the schools allllll week! haha.
The days that we did teach in the schools, we taught the 6th graders greetings! They actually understood everything! It was fufilling knowing that the children are grasping the informations! This means that they will hopefully grasp the idea that Jesus came into this world 2000 years ago and died on a cross for THEIR sins!
The people in Recuay are sadly mistaken when it comes to their thoughts about Jesus! You ask any person if they know Jesus and they will respond with ABSOLUTELY! BUT... you ask them what Jesus has done for them and you dont know what they will respond with. The Catholic Church is so different than the Catholic church in the US. It really does break my heart sometimes knowing that many of these people will never fully know what Jesus has really done for them.
That idea really has affected me this weekend! We spent the weekend in Huaraz so we could attend a college bible study (at the church we went to last week) and so that we could go back to the church this morning! But anyway, it has really hit me that I am not spending my time wisely! I need to be spending all of my time trying to share the love AND story of Christ. I realized that if I spent less time worrying about myself and actually spent that time (and energy) walking the streets talking to the institution students and little kids and other people that we have started developing relationships with, I would be so much more satisfied with my life and God would recieve so much more glory!
I am reading a book called Humility .... something something something by someone... and anyway, its really starting to open my eyes as to how selfish I am and how prideful I am. Its totally not cool! I desire to serve God with my whole heart and I want HIM to be glorified in every situtation. The book has really hit me and shown me that, while I may want that, I am not doing anything to make that happen! My pride is actually turning the glory away from God and putting it on myself. How uncool is that? PLEASE please pray that for the next month God just works in me and kills my selfish attitude! Thanks!
This next week is going to be BUSY!!! We are going to continue teaching in the school at Recuay (Javier), the school in Otcoyacu (on Mondays and Thursdays), and we are going to ADD a school this week! On Fridays, Jordan, Noemi, Olivia, and I will be teaching at the secondary school in Recuay (like a high school). We are going to continue our bible studies in Otconon, Otcoyacu, Recuay, and we will begin one (with the church in Huraz) at our house on Saturday afternoons! Please pray that our team will continue growing in Christ, we will continue building each other up, we will stay unified, we will make the most of every opportunity, and that we will just be a light for Christ in Recuay! They need it so bad!
Other prayer requests: Nelly and her family (a 13 year old girl that we have been building a relationship with), the women at Otcoyacu (they are so thirsting for the Word, pray that God provides a chuch in that area), Humberta (our translator and such an inspirational woman!!!), and the church in Huaraz (that it continues to thrive).

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