Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4

Hey guys! I know I practically just updated about yesterday.. but computer time is limited! I have a journal that I am keeping and I will update all of that journal on here every chance I get!

So today had a cold start! The showers no longer have any type of warm water and it was practically unbearable... but yeah, i wont focus on the negative stuff! haha

After breakfast we had lots of sessions to help us! today was our last day of preparing! My favorite class today was the emergency survival class! One of the amazing missionaries serving in Lima came (with his precious daughter) and shared alot of tips! I learned CPR and what to do if someone chokes! I really hope I dont have to use that newly found knowledge while I am in Recuay... but if I do I am sure I will save a life :)

For dinner we had another Peruvian treat: empanadas! A group of us then left and went to a Christian bookstore a couple of miles through town! I really wish I would have bought a book but I have noooo more room in my backpack!

After that we got some gelato! Im really not sure but i think that gelato is italian.... So that pretty much tripped me out that Peru would have it... I know, I am weird!

Today has also been a great bonding day for the different teams! I MUST say... the Recuay team is the best team this summer ;) Nah, but we have gotten really close today! The girls are so encouraging! I really am blessed! We have bonded over dance and (Lynnlee and I) bonded over killing a massive spider in the bathroom! Did you know that even when you tear off a spiders legs, they will still crawl around! That was pretty creepy!

Oh well! I am going to SLEEEP! Hasta manana! :)

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