Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days 7 through 12

So sorry I have been a slacker with the blog! I have ALOT to update!!

We arrived in Huaraz, a town near Recuay, around 5ish! We met a missionary there (Tommy)! He helped us settle in a hostel for the night! He also showed us around Huaraz! I remember walking up the steps in the hostel for the first time! It really helped me realize that I was at a high altitude (at the time over 10000 ft)..... The next day we shopped for supplies that we would need to use for the summer (kitchen utensils and some foods). Did you know that Recuay doesnt have cheese or loaves of bread (we had to get this kind of stuff too).
June 7 was the big day! We traveled to Recuay (which is another 1000 ft in elevation). Once we got to Recuay we had one of our translators (Humberta) show us around! Humberta has lived in Recuay for a good bit of her life!
I guess this is where I should describe the house!! It is connected to a lady name Phillipas house! We have 2 bedrooms (with actual beds), a living room (pretty much an empty room with a table in the middle), a kitchen (you have to walk outside to get to)..... and...... an outhouse! haha. That has been something I have been trying to get used to! We have a shower in the outhouse that (if you are lucky) you will get hot water thanks to the widow maker (?). We have pets! We have 3 dogs, a puppy, and..... a deer (Bambi). The deer bucked at me the first day so I try to avoid him.
During the night, I ended up getting sick and stayed that way until June 9th. It was miserable just sitting in our house, doing nothing productive! But.... I know it was necessary! On the 9th, I woke up feeling pretty wonderful! I know it was prayer that made me better (so thanks for all who prayed!!!).
In the past few days we have done things like go to the market (an experience in itself), walk the streets and play with the children (the are sooooo beautiful!!), walk more, and did I mention walk? Mom and dad, your daughter is going to come back completely in shape!
We are the team that is doing a whole lot of walking! We will be ministering to many neighboring villages (which is super exciting)!!!!! Yesterday we sat in on a bible study in Juancapampa, a village that is right across the river!
Today we went to a pentacost church (only Christian church in Recuay). It was very different but cool! They focused alot on prayer!
Computer time is coming to a close so  I guess its Hasta Luego!!!!! But please pray for our team! This week we will be going to the schools in Recuay and Oku Yaku (probably misspelled that one). We will be teaching english but using the story of creation! Pray that we have the words to say and that we are able to present everything clearly! Thanks!

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