Friday, June 3, 2011

day 2 and some of day 3

So... Peru stays awake 24 hours in the day.... at least Lima does. These past two nights have been difficult because car alarms keep going off and people keep screaming! Yesterday we had many classes to help us prepare for the mountains. We learned about worldviews and cool stuff like that! The missionaries in Lima have been leading our studies and their insight has been super helpful!

Yesterday afternoon, once we finished our sessions, we walked a couple of miles to the beach! The pacific ocean is BEAUTIFUL! The water is clear here in Peru! We even got to watch some surfers do their thing! After, we prayed for our trips and then walked to Papa Johns for supper! Did you know that Lima had that? But yeah, it was great!

Today, we had a session on the Quechua people that we will be encountering and living with this summer! I am really excited to meet these people! Their culture is so different so it will take a while to get used to!! .... One thing that will probably take all summer to learn is that I cant look men in the eye. Apparently thats intense?

I just got back from lunch and that was an experience! We went to a legit Peruvian restaurant that serves traditional dishes and i must say that these Peruvians LOVE their starches! I had lomo santado which is a dish made up of steak, tomatos, onions, french fries and soy sauce. Its then poured over rice!

The rest of my day will consist of a class on spiritual warefare and a free afternoon (where we can leave in small groups and tour the city of Lima)! Adios!

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