Saturday, April 16, 2011

My trip to PERU is less than 2 months away!!!!! HOOOORAYYY!

Man I feel like I haven't postedo on my blog in forever. I apologize! But I now feel the need to update on my trip!!! I just read my first blog post, that I put on here literally right after I found out I would be going to Peru this summer. It's funny because at that point I really didn't know ANYTHING about what I would be doing. God has really blessed me with a great supervisor in Peru that has been able to share a whole lot about the trip and what I would be doing!

So, to get started with the exciting information, I will begin by talking about the wonderful group that I will get to spend the summer with. I am a part of a 6 girl team. Please keep all of the girls in your prayers : Amber, Karen, Olivia, Jordan, and Lynnlee! I haven't met them all in person (because they are from all around the US), but facebook has helped out a WHOLE LOT! Last weekend, I was able to meet Jordan at our missions orientation. She is an amazing person and it was really encouraging to know that she is going to be on our team! Also, pray that there are some people on our team that can cook! We will be preparing all of our meals and (if you know me well) I am no chef!

There are no IMB missionaries in Recuay. The REAP strategy (which is the strategy of reaching Peru for Christ) is a strategy where churches in the US adopt a certain location. The church who works with Recuay is from North Carolina! Even though there are no IMB missionaries in Recuay, we will be working with a national! She is fluent in many different languages and she will help be our translator!

Where exactly will I be? Recuay is located in.... you guessed it....the mountains of Peru. When I realized that God's intent for my summer would be to spend it in Latin America, I thought about nice and warm weather (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the heat)... but God (who is quite a humerous God) knew that Peru meant cold and wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. It is around 10,000 ft in elevation (and for any of you who were like me and didn't know what that meant, it means that I won't have anywhere near the oxygen content that I have now). Elevation sickness is a HUGE prayer request.

What will I be doing? The whole trip deals with building relationships with the Peruvians! My supervisor sent me some really cool details about how we will be building those relationships including: washing clothes in the river with the women, teaching in the local schools, playing soccer/volleyball with the children, leading Bible studies, prayerwalking... etc!

I am so excited about this opportunity!!!! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend/week!!!!

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  1. Mary that sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I'll keep you and your team in my prayers.

    On a side note, I've always wanted to go to Peru and Mike and I may get the chance to go three years from now.