Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tonight I went and saw the third Narnia movie... and I must say it was amazing. There is one scene in particular that just jumped out at me, and I honestly believe it was God trying to speak to me. In the scene, all of the people from Narnia were going to get the 7th sword from the most horrific location that they had ever visited. The location was made up of every fear within each of the "Narnians". Everyone was scared and tried to find a reason to turn back and not fight against the evil place. But one of the passengers on the boat they were traveling on (a young child in fact) turned to them and said the most clever thing. I can't remember the exact words but they said "Think about what we came here to do. Think about Asland".

If you have ever seen the other movies or have read the books, you will know that C.S. Lewis uses the lion to clearly represent Jesus (in the first movie he gives his life away and arises 3 days later... that obvious!). With that in mind, think about the statement that the child made. The child realized the thing that most Christians today don't want to think about. The Christian walk is NOT something that is going to be easy. The devil is here to scare us, here to reveal our biggest fears, and he tries his best to use everything against us so we will turn away from God. AND, alot of times he is SUCCESSFUL. But, when we "think about what we came here to do" and "think about Jesus", how could the devil ever succeed. Exactly, he can't and he won't.

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  1. Amen Mary! I wrote a whole paper on the NT themes in the orginal Narnia tv series this semester.